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The Center for Future Health Professionals
Dedicated to guiding future health professionals

Afterschool Program

The Center for Future Health Professionals school-based, afterschool mentoring program is designed to introduce and promote the interest of elementary, middle and high school students in a career in healthcare.

High School Students:

Through biweekly one to one mentoring sessions, at-risk high school students meet their mentors and receive career path guidance and support for graduating and achieving higher levels of education. The pair works together on a project that promotes their passion for healthcare. These projects combine scientific data collection with reflective art related to the healthcare issue chosen. For example, students can write a poem or make a drawing regarding a personal experience with the health topic. We believe that creative thinking can also lead to inventive ways of approaching the critical social health issues that are increasingly apparent in our society.

Middle and Elementary Schools:

Healthcare professionals meet with a small group of students for 4-8 one-hour sessions on a weekly basis. The programís activity-based curriculum focuses on team building and development of necessary skills to enter a career path. The program is designed o promote positive social interactions and engage youth in problem solving and decision-making. Healthy habits will be discussed but disease applications will not be emphasized in this program. Each group consists of 8-10 students, one faculty mentor and one junior mentor (a healthcare professional student). Mentor screening is done through a written application. Mentor training consists of a two-hour support workshop scheduled throughout the year and focuses on the program framework, goals and activities.

The curriculum at this time includes:

  • Basic human anatomy
  • Functions of different organ systems
  • Application of facts to real life situations
  • Healthy Habits
  • Introduction to powerpoint presentations
  • Introduction to effective patient-doctor communications
  • Application process and requirements to enter college and professional schools
  • Developing effective online researching skills (for older children)



Sabina: 7th grade

Sabina: 7th grade
Quicktime | Youtube

Luke: 6th grade

Luke: 6th grade
Quicktime | Youtube

Cameron: Mentor Assistant

Cameron: Mentor Assistant
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The Center for Future Health Professionals
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