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The Center for Future Health Professionals
Dedicated to guiding future health professionals


Research has shown that early discussions between parents and their children about choosing careers can have a great impact in future success of the child. Through this website, we will continue to provide you resources and advice for teaching your child about careers.

The Future Health Professional Club offers afterschool clubs which are dedicated to introducing healthcare professions to students.

The UCI Gifted Students Academy EXPLORATORIUM is an all day innovative program for gifted and talented students presently in 1st through 4th grades. The 1-week programs are exploratoriums blending science, art, technology and creative writing.

The Gifted Students Academy, GSA, is an intensive summer program for gifted middle school students, grades five through eight.

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List of Books
  1. What do you really want for your children?
    Author: Wayne W. Dyer
    Publication Date: 1997
  2. The case of character education: The role of the school in teaching values and virtue
    Author: David Brooks and Frank Goble
    Publication Date: 1997
  3. Bringing up a moral child: A new approach for teaching your child to be kind, just and responsible
    Author: Michael Schulman and Eva Mekler
    Publication Date: 1994
  4. It’s up to you…What do you do?
    Author: Sandra Humphrey
    Publication Date: 1999
  5. The kids guide to service projects: Over 500 service ideas for young people who want to make a difference
    Author: Barbara Lewis
    Publication Date: 1995
  6. Psychological foundations of moral education and character development: An integrated theory of moral development
    Author: George McLean
    Publication Date: 1986



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